Dr. Stan Zupnick

About Dr. Stan Zupnick

  Dr. Zupnick has been in private practice for over 30 years.  He  received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of  Louisville, following a clinical internship at the Ohio State University  School of Medicines Division of Psychology in the Department of  Psychiatry.  He has been a partner in Central Behavioral Healthcare  since 1986.  
Dr. Zupnick specializes in the treatment of  depression, anxiety, marital problems, and adjustment to illness and  work related disorders. He also performs fitness for duty and personal  injury exams and works in other clinical areas.
Prior to private  practice, Dr. Zupnick taught on the faculty in the Psychiatry  Department of the Medical College of Ohio.  He was Head of the  Psychology Department at St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo.   
In  addition to his private practice, Dr.Zupnick was a psychology consultant  to the Ide Community Mental Health Center for eight years.  He was  Director of Behavioral Science for the Flower Hospital Family Practice  Residency program for 19 years, and has been a Clinical Assistant  Professor of Psychology at the Medical College of Ohio since leaving his  full-time position there.
Dr. Zupnick belongs to the Ohio  Psychological Association and to the American Psychological Association  and its Independent Practice Division.  He has also been active in  community affairs and has served as a volunteer on a number of Boards.